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Healthy Food Is More Expensive

Per serving protein is probably one of the most expensive foods on your shopping list. But you dont have to stick with red meat or fish for your protein rumsey says.

Myth Healthy Food Is More Expensive Than Unhealthy Food

Healthy Eating Can Cost Less Study Finds

Myth Healthy Food Is More Expensive Than Unhealthy Food

How to measure cost of food.

Healthy food is more expensive. Part of the problem with healthy foods being so expensive is the definition of price. And the dyed sugary kids cereals seem to be the only ones that are ever on sale. Yet nutritious food neednt cost the earth.

On a per calorie basis it is certainly more expensive than many junk foods which are generally far more calorie dense. Last december researchers at harvard published a paper scientifically examining a complaint common among conscientious eaters that healthy food is more expensive than junk. Organic chicken is 2 3 more per pound than conventional.

That paper published in british medical journal found that eating a healthy diet costs approximately 150 more per day. Whole wheat spaghetti is more expensive than white. Healthy groceries such as fresh fruits and vegetables lean meats and 100 whole wheat products always seem to be more expensive than their unhealthy counterparts.

We are increasingly conditioned to think of healthy food as expensive because of the price of meat fish and dairy the rise of superfoods and the higher cost of organic produce. Maybe the problem isnt that healthy food is expensivebut that hyper processed sugary salty. However when you look at it in terms of both satiety and volume many healthier foods are often more filling for the cost even when they provide a lower number of calories.

For example you can buy a bag of lentils for a few dollars and get five or six meals worth of protein. The reasons are are simple but the solutions complex.

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Myth Healthy Food Is More Expensive Than Unhealthy Food

Myth Healthy Food Is More Expensive Than Unhealthy Food

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